Rumor Continues…

She remembered what one of her neighbors, an old doctor and his wife told her dad. “You know there’s a basement under your basement’ she told in the interview”. Her father just thought that the old lady was crazy but the rumor remained hidden somewhere inside her mind waiting for the right time to reveal itself to her.

If her father would have paid a little attention to the rumor then it would not have taken this long for the truth to reveal itself.

The Detective In Her

To make herself sure about the rumor she started researching about it. She would sit in front of the computer for hours, ”For the past couple weeks, I’ve been looking stuff up on the history of homes in the area. It was, like, 2 a.m. one night, and I came across an article that said there was this house that’s, like, a five-minute drive from my house and the owners found out it was linked to the Underground Railroad” she told in the interview. After reading that she was very intrigued and decided something that will change everything for her.

It Was Time To Decide

She thought about the possible link between her basement and underground railroad but couldn’t decide on what should be her next step. She thought of getting it dug up but then there would be a possibility that the basement could fall apart all the way and the rumor that she wants to believe could all just be a big lie. It was a big risk but she must decide because the house was telling her something. She was struggling with mixed emotions of excitement and fear.

Finally! She Made A Decision

What if it’s not about the underground railroad and it is something else entirely. What if something is lurking around her basement? What if its a ghost that is speaking to her not this house? Thought like these made her more and more afraid of the whole house basement situation. She started reading about the real ghost stories related to housing basement from her town and neighboring towns. Her heart and her mind were talking to her in a manner completely opposite to each other.

So, she made a decision of not doing anything about the basement and will leave it like that. It was only a matter of time when she will start regretting her decision. Her decision brought this secret in open. To know more about it keep reading and check out the video at the end of this article.

Tenants Situation

Alex decided to look into her tenant’s problem other than the basement issue. There was so much work that was needed to be done before this family decided to move out and she did not want that to happen as she loved the family of four members. “They are nice people,” she told in the interview. Every time she talked to the family they kept asking her about the basement and about when the work will start in the basement. She kept dodging the question but for how long? She thought.

The Detective Rises Again!

She started looking for the stories related to the basement on the internet to find some solutions to her problems. There were several articles related to the basement but none of them helped her out but instead made her more afraid because there were articles about girls getting kidnapped and were forced to live in the basement, also about the group of students who found out that there was a stranger living in their rented house and how that stranger used to crawl out from the basement in the night to mess up with them by opening every single door of the house.