Losing your child is a parent’s worst nightmare. No matter how much you get scolded by your parents, you are definitely going to be accepted by them in the end. Some people are not that lucky. Some children don’t even get to see their parent’s faces or get accepted by their parents. Here’s a story of a baby who became the “Burger King baby”.

The Burger King

Burger King has been ruling the world of fast foods since the time it has been introduced. No matter how hard many other patrons tried to bring burgers into the market, the people would only go for Burger King as it is the “king” of the burgers.

A Regular Evening

On a one fine evening of September 15th, 1986, an outlet of Burger King situated in Allentown, Pennsylvania, was buzzing with the crowd. The staff had no time to even take a loo break. They wore a smile and continued serving their clients the best.

A Disturbing Sound

While the staff was busy serving the clients, they got distracted by a shrieking noise. The noise was a loud cry of an infant. The staff thought of minding their business hence ignored the cry in all the best ways they could.

It Won’t Stop

The cries would not stop even after two hours. The employees thought, “ugh, that parent’s got their hands full with a fussy child.” Little did they know that the statement they made was opposite to the situation that they were going to discover later.

Manager On Duty

The manager scanned the seats and looked for the crying child. To the manager’s dismay, she could not find a single child there. Perplexed she searched every possible room so that she could request the parents of the child to take that child somewhere out so that other employees could work easily.

The Hunt

Even the kitchen was investigated but the existence of the child was yet unsure. The manager got worried about the prestige of the outlet and continued looking for the child. The hunt included many employees too.