Everyday life can be pretty much tiring. The daily ritual to wake up on time, rush to the office, completing work targets, cooking up meals for yourself and what not. This is a hectic schedule that almost all of us follow. Sometimes it all gets so exhausting that you crave for a vacation to relax your mind and calm your soul.

And when talking of a break, what can be a place better than a beach. After all, it is the best escape anyone can have. Chilling by the beachside in the warm sands and cold water with a little breeze is all that you need to get over the daily stress. But what if your beach vacation turns out to be the life experience as there you unknowingly have to run for your life? Isn’t it scary? Unfortunately, this is what happens with this woman…

Oh No!

When she saw where those sounds were coming from, she held her breath. She was frightened. Her vacation was struck by the unexpected. She never thought that a trip she planned to relax would eventually turn out to be a nightmare. She would have to run for her life. But why?

Stood Still

She could not absorb what she saw. She stood there like a rock. The sight was dreadful but she needed to do something immediately. She was there in the corner all alone. After suffering the mild shock on witnessing the scene she had her heart in her mouth. The woman needed to act quickly.

The Woman

Maria (name changed) was a young woman in her mid 20’s. She was a confident woman who did her post graduation and later was working with a multi-national organization. She was doing good at her workplace but as time passed responsibilities came to her shoulders and things got challenging.

Stressing Over

Soon only her work took over her. There was a lot of work piling over her table, and she was just lost in it. Day by day, she was not able to handle all this stress. and she wanted a break from her ever-hectic schedule. But this was not easy.

A Break

Meetings and conferences, Maria had a lot. But one day she finally decided to give it all a break and go on holiday. Little did she know that this break will also not solve her problems and rather would end up being one. Her holidaying experience was the one no one will ever wish to encounter.

Where To?

Maria was now looking for a place where she can go for a vacation. She thought hiking and rock climbing would be too tiring a thing and needed something relaxing. Thus she opted for a beach holiday at Petites-Dalles. Unfortunately, this did not go as planned.