Have you ever thought about the route you take every time or the place you call home or the place you work could have been holding something extremely important under its foundation? We have become so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t get time to think about the possibility that the place where we live or the place we work or the route we walk on daily might have been built on something extraordinary that was lost in time.

This is exactly what had happened when the construction workers who were working on a site for a new subway system stumbled upon something incredibly interesting. Like it was so hard to believe that the whole work came to halt. The construction workers had no idea what it was and then the experts arrived and what they told about the object was something you wouldn’t have heard ever before. What was the object? You’ll find out soon…

New Site

Los Angeles has a large underground subway system. In recent years, this system has been expanding on a larger scale that would soon connect every corner of the city making the traveling more convenient. And it was during one of these construction works when few labors spotted something at the site. Everybody was stunned to see the object from the past. But what was the object?

History Beneath The Surface

The construction workers were doing their regular job and were asked to dig up the site on which new subway was to be built. However, they weren’t hoping to play the part of archeologists when they stumbled upon the most amazing thing the world has ever seen. Confusion all around they were left speechless.

Secret Lies Beneath

There are still so many secrets lying underground that are waiting to get explored. This discovery was the first step towards it. This discovery has already been declared as the greatest geological treasure ever found, and it has shattered many popular beliefs held by paleontologists all around the globe.

Westside Subway Extension Begins

The construction work began several years ago before this discovery was made. Where the construction workers thought they were working for the project of the subway, they were actually fulfilling the destiny of the past to bring out this exceptional thing out in public in present times as a gift to the world for the future to see what all happened in the past.

The Project

The project on which the construction work was being done was the Westside Subway Extension which was building an additional 7 miles to the Purple Line the existing subway underground network. It’s not like everyday people make discoveries even great archeologists have to follow some steps from the books before they could dig out something in front of the world. Before this project begin there was a secret which was held about the possibility of finding something. Nothing concrete was said during that meeting except to be aware and vigilant at the site.

The Meeting

Unlike other projects, this time was different. The team of specialists was called to have a look around the site. They were asked to check out the site and locate some valuable spot which they deemed important in their background of work. For several years, the researchers have been investigating and gathering information about the location where this project was being started. They even asked the authorities to change the course of the project but the authorities had no other choice. So, what can be done?