Animals are the strangest creatures on the earth, they could bite you and put in a fatal danger or shower you with unconditional love. And their love isn’t restricted to their own kids or humans, sometimes they go beyond all the borders. Well, these animals might not have a degree just like us but they do understand when they are shown affection and most of them reciprocate too rather than being defensive. But then you can not judge an animal even if they are just babies, just like the cat in the story.

The Zoo

There are several zoos in the world that have a large number of exotic animals those who are on the verge of getting extinct. These zoos have provided them shelter and saved them from extinction. The Smithstown Zoo in Russia is one of those zoos that provide shelter to one of the exotic animals.

No Cats

The zoo had many exotic animals like bears, camels, leopards, lions, lizards, monkeys, reindeer, and turtles. But the caretakers of the zoo never had a chance to shelter a cat before. Cats were commonly found on the streets of Russia, so they knew they could protect themselves from the harsh environment. But that doesn’t mean they would never give shelter to a cat.

Wintry Morning

One fine morning in winters, when roads were covered with the snow, Alice, the zookeeper was heading to have a word with another caretaker on the other side of the zoo. Due to heavy snowfall on the previous night, everything was covered in white. Alice had to cover her self in extra layers before she moved out of her office. She was hurrying to get to the office as the cold wind was unbearable and enough to freeze her from within.

Strange Findings

She wasn’t expecting any of the zoo animals to be roaming around the area in this freezing winter. But while she was rushing to the office, she saw something really strange. At first, she thought it was a small mountain of dirt from what she could predict from a distance. She was thinking who might have thrown it but when she went near it, her eyes became wide as she realized that it wasn’t dirt.

Unexpected Visitors

Her assumption was cleared when she heard a faint meow, it was a black kitten that was looking like trash to her. The kitten was about 1 year. It looked like she was hungry and needed some attention at the earliest. It seemed like the kitten was out there in the freezing winter for so long and still, she was alive. But would she be able to survive the night?

Freezing Cold

The kitten was so small in size that it was able to fit in her palm. Due to cold weather, there were icicles at the end of her nose. Seeing her condition she was apprehensive whether the kitten would be able to survive another night. What would she do now? Leave the kitten alone or take it with her?