While mother nature has the power to comfort and calm the soul, it even has the power to throw a curveball leading to widespread devastation. Something similar happened when the state of Alabama was hit by the Tuscaloosa–Birmingham tornado. In the month of April 2011, a massive tornado took with it a lot of lives, property and caused destruction. Thousands of people had to leave behind their assets. While some of the people managed to survive the tornado, there were others who couldn’t. Not only humans but also pets and cattle were subjected to its wrath.

One family who managed to go through the storm lost their dog in the tragedy. Just when they went hopeless and were mourning his loss, something knocked at their door which left them baffled.

The Tuscaloosa–Birmingham Tornado

The Tuscaloosa–Birmingham Tornado struck the cities of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama on 27th April 2011. It is said to be the costliest tornado that has ever been recorded. The storm caused huge damage to life and property and even the smallest of the communities staying in coastlines were a prey to this massive calamity. Amongst the various survival stories, this story of a brave dog became a heart-melting one.

Enormous One

The tornado had a path width of 1.5 miles which is approximately 2.4 km when it was rushing through the track of Tuscaloosa. While passing through the Interstate highway 65 and moving towards the north of Birmingham the tornado attained the speeding winds of 190mph that are nearly 310km per hour on average. One can imagine the amount of destruction it can cause.

The Family

As the historical twister pounded through North Smithfield in Birmingham, Alabama, it reached its maximum length. It took in its motion many households and shelters. With a click, many families went from riches to the homeless. To save themselves from a disaster, a family quickly hide in their garage along with their beloved dog Mason. They didn’t know that even the garage couldn’t spare them from the deadly.

Running For Life

As the tornado sharpened, it hits this families house as well. To save their lives the family rushes back to their home as it anyhow could provide them better shelter than the garage. In all this hustle bustle, they lost the track of Mason. They did not realize that whether they carried him along or not.

Poor Pooch

When the mother nature calmed, and the storm abated the family started looking for their pet. They searched the entire house but couldn’t find him. This made them sure that they had left him back in the garage to face the tremendous storm alone. They rushed on a foot to the garage hoping to find him hidden there.


As the family ran outside to find their dog, they were utterly shocked at the sight. The garage which once used to be there was completely demolished. All that was there were bricks and stones, mud and wood. Mason’s survival in such a surrounding became questionable. Did the poor dog who once ran behind the members of the family die?