There is hardly a family in the world that does not go through the pain of throwing leftovers. If yours is one of them then you have brought yourself to the right place. Here, we will tell you about some tricks that will help you use your leftover in the right way. The Food and Agriculture Organization states that every year Americans wastes food worth 50 billion dollars.

Wasted Lettuce

Griddled lettuce and peas on a plate

If your leaves are starting to turn limp, stir-fry iceberg or Gem lettuce with some sesame oil, garlic and soy sauce for a speedy Asian-inspired side dish.


Having soup in dinner is very healthy but throwing away its leftover celery leaves is not healthy. You can save leaves from becoming waste by using them in salads, pesto, and stocks. The other way you can use Celery leaves is by having them in smoothies.


Having bowls full of cooked vegetables in the fridge is a very common sight. And those cooked vegetables that are kept for later usage eventually ends up in the trash bin. Instead of throwing them you can reuse them by having these vegetables in your snacks. You can add these steamed or boiled vegetables to quinoa or cooked rice to get a delicious pilaf. If that does not appeal to your taste buds you can go for other alternatives. Mix all the cooked vegetables and roll them inside a grain wrap.

Cut Up Fruits

So you got a heap of cut up fruits and now have no idea how to use them. As you are not willing to throw them in the bin, we have some great ideas for those pieces. You can make the yummy custard by adding the leftover or you can also decorate your ice cream with them. The other way you can have it is by having them on your pancakes or in smoothies.


Cut the sausages into tiny pieces only to blend them with tinned tomatoes sauce. The next step should be the addition of veggies into the mix. Serve the exquisite meal with pasta if you poured tomato sauce or get it with jacket potato if you are having beans.

Roasted Meat

Got roasted meat as left over? If yes, then try this! Get your well-cooked meat mix up with a bag of stir fry veg. After having them perfectly mixed cook them in a frying pan and wok for five minutes. Put them off the heat after five minutes and complete the process by adding fresh noodles to it.