Every girl dreams of her marriage since her childhood. There are a lot of dreams that a girl builds around her marriage, from theme to guests to the dress that she would feel like a princess in. After all, it is supposed to be her day and she would be the center of attraction, like a rose among sunflowers.

But what if that rose is plucked from the garden and suddenly there’s a freshly blooming orchid that appears from nowhere? All eyes would be on the orchid and nobody would look at the rose.

There’s going to be two unimaginable revelations at this bride’s marriage, and she would be a part of none of them, but her wedding will be ruined in so many ways that there will be no going back whatsoever.

Happiest Day

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life where you encounter thousands of different feelings and all on the same day. And every couple does all that they can, always going beyond their way to make their wedding the best.

Love Story

The story of the unforgettable marriage of Lily and Joe goes three years back when the two met each other in college. It was a young love that matured with time and the two were more than happy with each other. 


The couple got engaged after being together for one and a half years. They were deeply in love with each other and wanted to be together forever. But their ambitions never collided with their love. 


Lily and Joe were very understanding and always had their priorities set. They wanted to get married but their ambitions were yet to be achieved and they promised each other that they would complete their graduation before settling down for marriage. 


Lily had dreamt of a perfect marriage since her childhood days and now she had found the perfect partner. The date of the marriage was near and Lily had started planning for the same three years prior to the wedding. 


All of us know what the cost of a wedding can be. There’s so much to take care of, from the venue, the catering, to the dresses, everything costs a fortune. But to Lily, her wedding was going to cost her a lot more than just money.