Thomas Owens wasn’t planning on being a cop but one incident was enough for him to take the biggest decision of his life. This has happened with most of us that a single decision has brought our lives on a completely different track than before. Thomas Owens made a choice that defined his future. But making a decision and staying on it are two different things.

That was one fateful day when Thomas was about to prove himself worthy of his work and even more. People stood there looking at what was happening and how can Thomas not be afraid of what lay ahead of him.

Car Chase Fan

Like most of the boys, Thomas Owens was a car chase scene fan too. After returning from school he always used to switch on the TV with hopes of a car chase being telecasted on news channels. Watching the live scene of cops chasing criminals used to be the most exciting time of his day. Seeing her son’s keen interest in the high-speed car chases on the TV, Thomas’ mother always made sure that he notices the results…


Thanks to Thomas’ mother’s instructions, since a young age, he noticed that sooner or later cops were able to catch the criminals. In rarest of the rare cases, it happened that they were able to slip out of the cops’ hands. His mother had a strong feeling about her son’s future and this intuition was indeed going to be right in the coming future.


No one in this world can understand a mother’s concern for her kids. When Thomas turned 16, his mother didn’t wish to hand over the car keys to the young teen for she was being pretty sure that he’ll try his hand at high-speed driving. After all, he spent all his childhood watching those car chases. His father had to pull the keys from her and convince her to trust on her son.

Warning The Teen

Thomas’ mother was scared of the fact that her son might cause harm to someone else or himself. She warned the boy if she gets even slightest of doubt of him driving rashly then he should be prepared to be grounded and forget about the car keys until the day he can afford his own car. Now that’s what we call one all-time strict warning. 


Her statement was strict and straight; “It’s a small town, Thomas. If we get one sniff of you being reckless, you can say goodbye to the truck.” Yes, Thomas was young but he knew how dangerous the roads can be. He wanted to have fun but not on the cost of bringing himself or anyone else to danger. He was quite conscious of driving. And soon something was about to change his perspective about it.

Parents’ In Danger

Thomas never expected anything to ever happen to his parents on the roads as he knew his parents were a step ahead of him in maintaining safety. But the risk in driving is not completely on us if on us solely, it can sometimes be the other car driver’s fault too.