A No Show

So even though most days, the train would never have an empty seat, this day was different. The old man was surprised to see a seat that was not taken. It was such a rare sight now because each train he would ride on would require standing. It was such a lucky day for him because what he hoped came true…

A Strange Sight

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The owner of this seat never came to claim it, so basically this seat was free. If no one was going to take it, then technically he could sit there, right? The train started to move to the old man was happy about the fact that he could rest his old bones. But soon after, the old guy made a very strange discovery.

Standing On Trains

So after taking the empty seat, he saw on the train, the elderly man sat there. He was enjoying the fact that for once, he was able to sit and rest his tired legs. But then as soon as the elderly man took a look up from the seat he had taken, he could notice that a line of standing passengers had collected near him.

A Young Lady

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And as he panned across the line of standing passengers around him, he made a startling discovery. He was innocently scanning through the folks in the train and someone, in particular, took his attention. Someone there had stood out to him. There was a woman who seemed to be in her 20s looking very weak.

Quite Frail

The old man was not expecting to see the sight he had witnessed that day. He saw a young lady standing there. And from the looks of it, she did not seem to be doing well at all. And the lady was obviously not well. In fact, she looked really sick. She looked to be in her 20s, so it was a little odd to see her so weak.

A Question

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As the old man paid more attention to the sick lady, he could see that she was indeed very frail. As she had to stand there, he could make out that she was having trouble standing up. The passengers standing beside her were squashing her too. After seeing this, the old man went to ask her a question.