Kids are their parent’s lifeline. Whether it is falling from the bicycle or falling ill, anything happens to them, parents just can’t forgive themselves for being careless. Remember the first time you left them home all alone? Parents can’t stop worrying about them and run back home as soon as possible to see if their child is doing good or not. There can be invaders or the kid might feel like playing outside. Not even in their worse nightmare, would the parents think of their kid coming in the eyes of any doubtful person.

Although movies like Home Alone show the brighter side of the story, in real life things like that happens in rarest of the rare cases. Kids go missing every day, sadly, the majority of them never make it back to their parents. Knowing that your kid is somewhere out there in the world all alone surrounded by bad people is the horrifying truth some unfortunate parents live. This story is one that can lighten up your conscience.

Keeping An Eye

A guy was roaming in a peaceful locality of Lincoln, Nebraska. When everyone was minding their own business this guy was looking for something. None found him suspicious at that time because you never know what’s with a person if he was going through some emotional breakdown or maybe he hasn’t slept for days. Without judging him everyone went on with their work. Something was wrong with this guy and nobody could understand his dark intentions…

A Nine Year Old

It was on Valentine’s Day in the 600 Block of N. 30th Street when Shane Shafer, a nine-year-old was playing with his pitbull named Baby Girl and his mom called him inside. He didn’t go to the school that day as he wasn’t feeling good. His mother had something important to discuss with him. She had to tell him about her that days routine and there was a reason behind it. The kid was unaware of how this conversation was about to end. He was just replying with okays and alright.

Can You Stay Alone?

At the end of the conversation, her mother told him that she’ll be going to pick his younger sister from the school and purchase some groceries. No one else was available to come to look after him in the meanwhile. She couldn’t take him as he was already feeling low. Also, Baby Girl, a pit bull gets scared if left alone. Yes, pit bulls aren’t like that but Baby Girl has never been alone and so Shane was going to look after her too. Nobody had any idea of what was about to happen within a few hours when Shane was left at home.

Baby Girl

Pit Bulls are muscular, strong and intelligent. Their best characteristic is that even after so much strength these pooches are lite on their feet when it comes to running. Chasing the ball is a game they hardly get over. Even today, some people misunderstood this breed as dangerous and aggressive while over the years. In reality, Pit Bulls are loving and friendly creatures who love human babies. Baby Girl was one such best friend of Shane but will she be able to help her buddy when the time will put Shane’s life in danger.

A Strong Bond

With a beautiful smile, Baby Girl can win anyone’s heart. There are enormous reasons why Pit Bulls are winning hearts across the world. Starting from their less grooming requirements to their healthy state. They need nothing but love and Baby Girl got it all when Shane adopted her about a year ago. This day was soon going to test their amazing bond in a horrifying manner.

Brave Boy

Shane Share has always been up to help his mom. Being the elder brother he is responsible for his little sister. He assured his mom that he’ll not be going outside until she returns and will not open the door for anyone. He planned on watching TV but the boy was about to encounter his life’s worst experience.