We all have heard the saying that goes, “Love conquers all”. But what if the one you love and trust is somebody you were always wrong about? Marriage is the purest bond between two people, and the husband and wife protect each other from all kinds of problems, instead of being the cause of them.

But Rebecca Logan has been a part of a marriage that will astonish you when you will know about it. After 7 years of being married to the same person, she discovered some very nasty surprises.

Life has a lot in store for Rebecca, and while some of it will be devastating, some of it will be mesmerizing.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Logan is a hard-working woman, who had finished her graduate school with a newborn and just when she finished her school,  she got the opportunity to start her dream career, after working her way through nursing school. 


Rebecca had been married for seven years, and she had a three-year-old girl. The family lived at a place Rebecca had always dreamed of. Their house was in an adorable gated suburb area which was only four miles inland from Jacksonville beach, Florida. “I could cross highway A1A at work and eat lunch on the beach. My Jeep always had sand and seashells in it,” said Rebecca, who had always been a beach person. 

Perfect To Imperfect

What seemed to be a perfect life was soon going to get shattered and turn into a nightmare. Rebecca felt like she had achieved her dreams by landing the job as a pediatric nurse practitioner, a loving husband and daughter, and a lovely home. But it was all going to come crashing down very soon. 

The Bond

Rebecca had always thought that she had found the love of her life and it was a forever kind of bond between the two. But one Monday afternoon, all was going to change and clearly Rebecca was not prepared for any of it. 


Rebecca, her husband, and their little daughter celebrated Friday evening in a grand style because it was their little princess’ birthday. The lovely little girl had turned three and the theme of the party was Luau, a traditional Hawaiian party. The daughter received a lot of presents on the occasion, but what followed next was unthinkable. 


Just two days after the birthday party when Rebecca reached home from work, she was numb when she saw the scene outside her own house. All the presents received on Friday were crammed into a bin. Not just those, but every little thing that belonged to Rebecca was tossed out in the yard like it was all trash.