Nature has no rules and lovers don’t seek anyone’s permission. This is the story of two species coming together and falling in love. Creating a defining example of love and care. Although these lovers were brought together with a purpose. Humans who think of themselves nothing less than G0d made up their minds to breeding them for their personal profit. Can humans actually control everything as per their wish? Or some things are just out of their control? Can everything be twisted for one’s monetary profits? Well, the answer is hidden in this story.

Life Inside The Zoo

Inside a zoo, all of them are captive be it a lion, a bird, a deer, a monkey, a crocodile, a giraffe, all are treated as same. All of them become a product on display, where they watch people arriving in front of their cage, click pictures of them and walk away; an all day long repetitive process. They wait for their food to be served, which is not at all how they were meant to live their lives in the first place.

Cameron, The Lion

Born in 2000 at a run-down roadside zoo in New England, Cameron, the lion was destined by the zoo owners to be used as a tool to attract more visitors and gain more profits. Lions are called kings of the jungle for valid reasons. Their distinct and magnificent features get them recognized from far off distances. The blonde mane gives them this royal look that no other wild animal is gifted with. Cameron wasn’t the only one born in that year, one more rare creature came into the world in the same zoo. 

Zabu, A Hybrid

Zabu was a beautiful Siberian-Bengal hybrid tigress born during the same year at the same zoo. She was one of her kind and the zookeepers already had her future planned. Was that fair? How many of us even realize the difference between fair and unfair? Yes, the world has a lot of evil but this story goes beyond it. This one is the source of belief in life, and love and above all, faith in the Almighty.

Together Since Childhood

Zabu and Cameron were kept together since childhood. Yes, it is odd but not impossible for a lion and a white tigress to get along together so perfectly. The duo’s bond grew stronger with time. And the zookeepers were having high expectations out of them. While laws are made to protect wildlife, people can easily find the loopholes in these laws which can help them find their way out of the laws. 

Extremely Rare

Let’s just be clear that white tigers are not just uncommon but rare. A healthy female white tigress is nothing less of a miracle. Zabu had flaws but all of them were ignored for her being a white tigress. This gave Zabu an opportunity to live, to love and to roar…

Genetic Issues

One very common yet less known thing about the white tigers is that the last wild white tiger was killed in 1958 which mean all white tigers are results of inbred that are done for profit. All of them stay in captivity. While many white tiger cubs die within a few days of their birth due to genetic defects, a majority of white tiger cubs are euthanized just because they are not born with the right color.